October 21, 2021

Sequoia Big Tree: The Giants On Earth

Artwork by me

The tallest and the sole living species in the genus Sequoiadendron, and one of three species of coniferous trees known as redwoods, Giant sequoia in the national park at California are the most massive trees on Earth. Sequoia national park holds so many of these giants, standing tall over everything around them.

A giant Sequoia tree and two kids, for scale

Last month, we witnessed fires in California, and many of the Sequoia trees caught fire. Brave firefighters gave everything they got but still, about two dozen of these massive giants were lost to us. (Sniff)

Firefighters trying to save the trees.

When I first saw the tree and realized the enormity of their size, I suddenly realized how beautiful and full of spectacular events the trees life was, especially these. How many people would have seen these trees and realized how puny our lives and our problems are? How many people would have seen them and started to worship them, calling them God's and such? (I'd have been one of the latter)

Trees are the Gods! And these giants, these must be the Gods among Gods. This is just an ode to the beauty that is Sequoia trees. Hopefully, I'd see you soon!

With head and arms up high
And deepest roots down deep
These ladders to the heaven
Great giants went to sleep

What secrets lay hidden
In the silence of your heart
What joy you behold
What knowledge you impart

What lessons you taught 
The travellers of yore
Who saw you once and thought
"God's dearest, for sure"

The thrones and the wars,
The Summer, and the Rain
Thousands of passing Moons
That your memory contains

Cackles of all them kids
The bear hugs from the teens
How Morbid were some facts
Such beauty in some dreams

The one truth of us all
In your rings, centre, seep.
Oh, you must know it all
the secrets that you keep

So, tell me now Sequoia
Oh big Cali-red trees
Pass me secrets of life
As I get on my knees...
Sequoia and a man, for scale

One comment on “Sequoia Big Tree: The Giants On Earth”

  1. This is the first time, i m reading about these redwood trees (except for course books), and this is amazing. So very true feelings, u hv expressed through ur this piece, these are sounding like ladders to heaven and must hv kept many secrets of many hearts. It's really disheartening to loose them like this. Wish u luck, to see them soon, i wish i could also see them sometime in my life. Thank u for sharing this amazing and beautiful piece.

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