Glad To Be Mad
Now Available on Amazon

Light has a deeper connection to the human psyche. We look at light and see hope, happiness and joy. We see the absence of it as loss, despair and sadness. The words in this book will take you to the realm of darkness, where all things are done a little differently. This book will help you see the amazing world of abyss, the glow of the depths of hell and feelings within, fracturing all hope, but in a magnanimous way. There is no pretense, no veils on the words and no hiding behind analogies. This is straight up and raw!They say that one should not have any dark thoughts. In my opinion, if you have a dark thought, just write it to flush it out of your system. To a person with mental health issues, the battle continues daily. There's always going to be a dark thought at the back of their mind. It's always better to fight that head-on.
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