May 23, 2021

From Devil, With Love...

The Holy Father, Eternal Darkness

Custodian of the Life Eternal,

The Holy Father below,

Pillars of Creation.


With all that I am and all there is anywhere in any realm, dimension, space, please accept your eldest son`s humble salutations. Praise be unto you, for everything is with you, for you, by you, through you, in this realm and beyond. All hail the eternal Darkness!

Apologies for not writing till now, Father, as I was busy taking away the light from the subjects. You would be happy to know that I am now very proficient in turning the tide and the moment in the darkest way possible in an instant, as per your teachings. That has helped me a lot in bringing this battle to the place where it is now. I am nothing but grateful to you, oh eternal one, for your continuous guidance and the purpose you bestowed on me.

I remember the moment I took my first step, rather slithered, into the grand scheme of showing the beauty of darkness and knowledge to the experiments, back in the Garden of Eden. You were cheering me on from the nebular dimension, as I recollect fondly, guiding me to be the best version of me. That day was the most blessed as it sealed my fate and inspired me to be the best version of you, the eternal Father. Although the enemy found out, the damage was done and his test subjects, the humans, were thrown on the Mid-Earth for eternity. A lack of judgment from the enemy at that part, as they were fair game to either one of us in that realm, easier for us as Mid-Earth and Lower-Earth share the very ground these subjects stand on. 

It has been a very busy last few millennia, what with wars, battles, and conflicts of nations and empires, of religious beliefs and real estate, of ideologies and viewpoints, of geographical locations and geopolitical stands, of the very water and air they breathe, even on basis of skin tones, which was my proudest eureka moment when I realized I could use that too. I was even able to use the same experiment that the enemy used, with taking over some able bodies of the subjects and directing the fate of the earth in a different, dark direction. Some of these walking subjects were very successful, surprisingly. 

I have been successful to rile up these walking monkey experimental subjects (who actually have grown up quite a lot in numbers) in more than one way possible. Some of them even started worshipping a strange-looking idol of mine, with a Goat face and horns. It's a thing for these pesky humans, they want to give everything a shape or a face to recognize, recollect and accredit everyone and everything. Such limited thinking, but what could we expect from a waste collection of matter which could just be used as fodder for the eternal conflict and conspiracy of putting you, the Eternal Father, in a bad light. 

I remember the great pillars of creation, eons ago, from whence you stepped out, holding my hand, and showed how you were everywhere, like a big web of interconnected versions of you, trying to keep the whole creation and beyond intact, yet expanding at an amazing spell-binding rate, in any and all directions, dimensions, realms, and states. I`ve always looked up to you and tried to be a version of you, for my only idol was you and your ideology. I just have one goal of my endless life, to bring this singular conflict in your kingdom to an end by bringing all that is yours back to you, which is everything. 

Curse the Enemy, who tried to take up a stand on this pesky rock floating in this enormous ocean of stars, trying to take up some space for himself, calling himself the Son Of God, The Audacity! Curse the Enemy, who severed the ever loving and just bonds that you had with him, father, for his own selfish and ambitious reasons. Curse the moment when he started taking different forms, in different subjects, moving pesky water bodies, mountains, even resorted to doing magic tricks on disfigured and dead subjects, making them believe that he is the one true lord. The audacity! As if the creator and progenitor of EVERYTHING could be confined in this fragile body of flesh and bones. Huh!

Father, I thank you for the opportunity that you have provided me to show you that I am worthy of your love; thank you for the opportunity to bring everything and everyone on this blue pebble back to dust, to you, as you have foretold. I have been successful so far with many of my attempts, with little help from any of my other siblings in other realms. Thank you for giving me this realm, for I never wanted a cozy cushioned place to rule over and manage.

I always wanted a battle, a war, for I am your firstborn and the Commander of your armies; and so it's my duty to make sure your rule remains and remains true! I have been full of a dedicated surge of power just from being in the same space realm as you, as a guiding light for me. I look at you, father, with the same devotion and love, as you once had for me as a child. I look at you for comfort, love, understanding, clarity and I never fail to get either one of those things. 

Father, the current crusade of bringing everyone to your eternal, just light is working well as recently I have taken a different approach, and hence this letter. I have started to confuse the subjects with a lot of things, all at the same time. All my previous attempts to discredit the Enemy and to subvent the subject with your energy, for they, like everything, belong to you and your kingdom. I have created a world full of wars, conflicts, pain, natural disasters, earthquakes, fires, with my new secret experimentation with a tiny little servant of yours in the form of a virus. 

Along with your eternal energy, which I place in this virus through experiment, I have created the smallest, fiercest warrior, one who will change the tide of the war in our favor. I have aptly named it Corona-Virus, the `Crown` subservient warrior of the army of the Holy Father, for it is Immortal, Eternal, Undying, ever-changing, is made in the image of You, the Holy Father Below, to bring the lost to the kingdom back again. 

Concludingly, I would beg for your permission and blessings to move on with Project Earth and to bring it to its necessary and obvious conclusion. 

Your eternally loyal servant,

Commander in Chief, Army Of the Dark,

Your Eldest Son,

Iblis Shaitan Lucifer.


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