June 8, 2021

How Are You Doing Today?

Today is that kind of day!

When you get up from your sleep with the remnants of a dream where you saw yourself begging for another chance all over again, for the sake of your love, for God, for that dog you kept together, just wishing whatever happened was in a dream and you would wake up and all of this would be over. But it doesn't.

When you want just to curl up in bed and try to forget the past and let it out and cry but can't because your family is there and they shouldn't watch you like that and you have a long day ahead of you to make pretend and smile and work and look happy.

When you sit in your car and cry, while you are stopping at a light, waiting for it to go green, listening to a song which out of nowhere wrecks you up.

When you drive and wish you die, so you drive insanely all over the place, and wish you'd crash, but don't because your instincts take over. 

When you want nothing but the comfort of a hug, or a warm cup of coffee but by evening you crash and burn and get drunk and smoke up and your friends think you are ok and that you are happy but the laughter is empty and the eyes are shot and the brain stopped working and then you still go ahead and take another shot to make yourself numb enough, just enough so that you could go to sleep, just to start the day all over again...

Yes, it is that kind of a day...

How are you doing today?

2 comments on “How Are You Doing Today?”

  1. Those who think u r happy,
    Those who cannot listen...your laughter is empty,
    Can be your colleagues, or neighbor at street end,
    But for SURE, they can't be your friends...
    Sir, your piece is full of sense of loneliness and carving for care n hug, very true n genuine feelings...but not only for men, i disagree, gender cannot be the base of such biasness.
    Congratulations! very well written.

    1. Thank you for these kind words. Although, I'm not showing any bias here, just choosing to talk about men and their mental health, for a change here. Not at all implying women don't go through the same feelings. Thanks alot, mam.

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