February 14, 2021

Faith: Weapon Of Mass Salvation


Faith is no ordinary thing.
Faith is a superpower. It takes dedication, courage, discipline, and moral responsibility from a person, and that makes faith a path full of thorns in a garden full of roses. The salvation that one receives is the direct outcome of one's faith, the salvation promised to all of us.

Faith is no ordinary thing.
It brings the person to its knees, breaks them down. But that destruction leads to a better version of the person, like a butterfly from a caterpillar, like a flower from seed, improving our body, soul, and happiness.

Faith is no ordinary thing.
It takes a lot of knowledge, lots of reading, to learn how to have faith. However, it takes a whole lot of belief to bring forth one's faith to the fore, making it the most valuable possession.

Faith is no ordinary thing.
It molds a person, brings out the best in one, ascends us to higher consciousness, love towards fellow humans and nature, making us feel like the whole world is a family, closely knitted n full of love and care.

Faith is no ordinary thing.
It's a Weapon of Mass Salvation!

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