February 28, 2021

Yes, I Am In Love!

Yes, I am in love, and I'll do everything in my power to not get out of it.

Even if I have to make myself a fool, for if that brings a smile to my lover's face, it's worth it.

Even if I have to be fooled over and over again, for if getting fooled means I can be in the vicinity of my love, I'd rather live my life under veils of lies.

Even if I have to sell my soul, for what is my soul anyways without being with my love.

Even if I get ridiculed by the world, for when was the last time the world appreciated real love while they were alive.

Even if I have to cut ties with everyone else, for my everything is my love and nothing else.

Even if I have to lose all my belongings, for my only belonging I care for is my heart and I'd do anything for my heart to beat in my love's ribcage, and feel the beating of my love's heart in mine.

Even if I have to lay my life on the line, for what is life without my love in it, just empty years.

For the world, it may seem like it's a disease, an illusion, a fools gold, but I won't snap out of my illusion, for my disease is of the heart, my illusion is of my happiness, and my fools gold makes me richer than Richie.

So, no! I'd not stop loving, for my love is my life, my heart and my breath. I'll not stop loving for it's not a stigma, a stain to wash off my hands with. 

It's my honor, my esteem, my adornment and my strength.

For my love is pure, and I believe in my love, for loves sake!

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