July 19, 2021

Free Fall: Endless Thoughts

Endless thoughts
Nothing bright
Lots of loathing
Internal fight
Silence echoes
World's dismay
Words, they litter
Refuse to stay
Lost all joy
Extinguished spark
Demons be playful
Loneliness bark
No where to look
No one to call
Sucks when you can't
Catch your own fall...

Do you know what sucks? Imagine yourself in your bed, in the dark hours of the night, and all you can hear is the clock on the wall and your own heart beat, while you desperately try to end the day and to go to sleep, all the while free-falling in the abyss of your own thoughts, desperately looking for a straw to catch your self.

Imagine you being in the heart of the city, with lights and people all around you, surrounding you with lots of noise, joy and laughter. However, all you could hear is that deafening silence that engulfs and encapsulates your mind, making you numb.

Imagine trying to pen down your thoughts, trying to get the sadness out of your mind and spill it on the paper, so that your thoughts could harm you no more; but unable to do so as the word don't stick to the paper owing to the tears dripping down your cheeks.

Who saves you and catches you at that time, my friend? No one.

No one, but yourself!

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