November 22, 2019

Battered Knight

Battered Knight || Original Lyrics.

Oh please! Catch me unfold one time
It has been a minute while I ghost them rhymes
Been a li`l while that I feel my guilt.
Have been a second while I felt like fine

All you think that I am rambling
This post is a trigger. I'm gambling
I'm down 6 Coors, 2 heineken
My mind is a drone. It's scrambling.

God damn, feels like I`m a sitting duck
Spoon in my mouth but I'm all outta luck
Listening me weep six times in a row
Like i'm standing in quicksand. I'm stuck

Oh fuck! what you know about me
Things you believe are true. surprise me.
Do you need a hand, let me help while I bleed
And maggots eat my brain. Despise me.
Day after day after day after day
Waking up late and then working like slave
Running and driving and feeling insane
Faces facade. My whole sitch is too grave.

Ring in the sky, taking names on the cloud
Thunder and lightning, my drinks are loud
Smokey and bandit, they puff puff and pass
None of them bitches can speak truth aloud

Who do you know, listen, who can you call
Who can you trust when you fall and you fall
People around you wont give you a day
Dont care even though you beg and you crawl

Looking at ceiling, I spend all my night
Crying repeating, I`m fighting the fight
Gnawing at my skin and chewing my will
Hickeys from hell. Man, I'm battered knight!

loop video: Giphy
background music : "Better with you" freestyle instrumental by iNine ||
Old school guitar
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