Zickey Marya

Born in the late October of 1985, Zickey Marya, aka Rumillenial poetry (Find him on Instagram), is a man who became a writer by chance. A physical therapist by profession, he was not into the poetry circle up until mid-2016. One fine day while fixing something electrical, he got an electric shock which seems to have scrambled his brain. Since then, he hasn't stopped writing. A lover of the universe, he writes about love, loss, mental health, dark poems about sadness or despair and nature. His first book debuts mid August, 2019, however other books with different themes are in pipeline and will be out soon. Although he has over 10+ years of experience in his profession, his heart is always with the words, trying to write another heartfelt piece.

His poetic roots could be found in the great poet and sage, Rumi and the German-American writer and poet, Charles bukowski; however, Zickey always try to go a different route to find the light, through the darkness.
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